Wednesday, 28 October 2009

City casual

I am loving this chic, city-casual look, seen on the street in Milan by the Sartorialist:

If, like me, you became a teenager in the early 90s, you will already have spent a significant chunk of your life surgically encased in a black lycra mini-skirt and oversized jumper. This signorina reminds me of the effortlessly stylish older girls at school, who wore their regulation grey jumpers big and baggy.

The difference between English roses and la bella Milanesa above, however, is that, apart from two days in August, working this look in Britain involves the judicious use of leggings. I am currently recreating it with a grey v-neck, which I deliberately bought three sizes too big for that oversized look, black leggings and my black American Apparel mini. I do rate American Apparel: their easy-to-wear basics, the way pieces are casual yet sexy, and particularly their ethos: solar panels on the roof provide 15% of their energy, they use recycled and organic raw materials, campaign for cleaner cotton and have a very progressive stance on issues like gay rights and immigration. Right-on, guys.

I had forgotten how EASY this look is: it's deceptively simple as it works for smart or casual, day or evening, work or lounging. It even works for going into hospital to have your wisdom tooth extracted, which is how I wore it this afternoon. Oh, the glamour.

Tonight I have two perfect strangers staying on my sofabed. It's called couchsurfing and it's the amazing new way to see the world for free and meet interesting people at the same time. Tune in soon for a post on my couchsurfing experience and to see whether I have been murdered in my bed. Only joking: they are middle class. Tonight they've gone to Glyndebourne for goodness sake.

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  1. American Apparel is awful. Beside using a number of actual internet porn stars in the promotional material, they have strict hiring practices tied directly to people's appearances. Can we not have style without fascism?