Thursday, 19 November 2009

Fringe festival

Do you ever become obsessed with one element of peoples' appearance, to the point where you can't look at anyone in the street without noticing it? I do this ALL THE TIME - with anything I have just bought/done or am thinking of buying/doing - jeans, handbags, shoes... and now fringes.

I have been toying with the idea of a long, heavy, blunt fringe, with the rest left long and wavyish, for  a while now. But now that it has become a full-blown fixation, I notice that with-fringe looks very young and now, while without-fringe SUDDENLY looks like the definition of 90s-hair. (So odd how it takes about a decade to be able to actually see the recognisable features of an era.) Nowhere is this more dumbfoundingly obvious than in these pics of Kate Moss:

There is something, dare I say it, sensuous *ahem* about the way luxuriant, glossy fringes fall around the eyes...

The clincher for me was this piccie of Keira Knightley's fringe as seen at the Chanel couture show. I mean, who would not want to look like this?

There is, however, one slight problema: according to Grazia (that infallible barometer of modern feminine mores), women the world over are flocking to their hairdressers, torn magazine pages in hand, asking for The Keira Fringe. This is *not* good news. Having lived through (and assiduously avoided) the Jennifer Aniston 'Rachel', the Victoria Beckham 'pob', the Agyness Deyn crop, and too many others to mention, I have no desire to start doing 'it' hair now.

And then it hit me: I got there first. Having always had an uncanny fashion-sixth-sense, it should come as no surprise that I was totally working this look as a six-year-old living on top of a hill in Wales circa 1983:

So tomorrow I am going for the chop. Stay tuned to see whether this is a style disaster (as predicted by, let's see, oh yes, EVERYONE I have asked), or a triumph (as predicted by yours truly).

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  1. Fringes are hard work, honey, but I think they're worth it. Good luck.