Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More loot

Okay, I promised to show you some more of the loot I bagged at the V&A swish, so here goes. How about my outfit for today, these navy Anne Klein slouchy pinstripe trousers and this Soft Grey blue cotton wrapover shirt (worn here avec red suedette ballet pumps)?

Pas mal for a completely free outfit, non? I also picked up a couple of useful camisoles, two summer skirts and a Dee-vine-with-a-capital-Dee silk halterneck top (picture coming soon). Oh, and one other thing, but I'll keep you in suspense on that one for just a little while longer...

Edit: Good grief I look miserable in this one. Actually, I wasn't at all - I think that must be my concentrating face. Also, apologies if my photography is making you feel seasick. Note to self: must add new camera angles to repertoire asap.

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