Friday, 20 November 2009


I must apologise for the abject hideousness of these photos. In my defence, they were taken at night, using the webcam on my Macbook (how could you betray me so cruelly, my precious?). I may have the face of a ninety-year-old jaundice-sufferer, but I don't care because I have the hair of Keira Knightley crossed with Kate Moss:

And yes, I *am* aware that I look less delighted with my new hairstyle and more like I am about to walk into the River Ouse with stones in my pockets, but these pics were the best of a bad bunch. And anyway I AM a depressive. Suicidal musing is my default look.

What is your verdict, dear readers, triumph or travesty?

In other excitements, tonight I went out swishing with Madame la Moue and returned with a bulging bag of swag. Ooh, I do love getting free clothes without having to risk a night in the cells for them. Photos coming soon.

1 comment:

  1. It looks fab! I like the 2nd pic.
    The hairdresser did a very good job matching it to keira's exact one.

    I'm getting this cut this week! Regardless of it being the 2009 'it' haircut, I am late to feel the desire to cut off my long, boring tresses.