Thursday, 12 November 2009

Zara coat

Right, I am back after a few days away from the interwebnet while les parents were staying (incidentally, is my mum the only woman who would use the 'Holiday Skin' body lotion sitting by the bathroom sink as hand cream for a week before noticing that her palms had developed what the bottle calls 'a beautiful, even tan'? I think so).

On Saturday, I came back from London with this divine new Zara coat (seen here avec white poppy, naturellement):

Things I love about this coat:

1. The understated-yet-luxe oyster colour
2. The 60s-style swing cut
3. The concealed pockets
4. The Nehru collar
5. The sleeves (which are sort of raglan, but with a seam down, if you see what I mean)
6. The open-weave, boucle wool

Things I am not yet convinced about: the unusual cuffs. What would you call these I wonder? Bell? Ruffled? What do you think?

New coat on outing to National Trust property: don't you just love having parents to stay?

At £79.99, I would call this coat positively bargainous. Okay, so it wasn't swished or recycled, but it *will* keep me stylishly toasty for years, so price-per-wear will work out at about 0.001p, which makes it practically free, surely?

In other developments, I was relieved to discover yesterday that I am still, in fact, a genius, as evidenced by my shiny new MA with distinction in Environment, Development and Policy. To heap thrillingness upon thrillingness, on Monday I will be starting an internship as an eco-spy with undercover investigative research agency Ecostorm (yes, this job title *was* my own invention). It's only temporary, though, so if you know anyone who needs an environmental researcher/stylist/spy/genius, let me know.


  1. It's a gorgeous coat, and the right colour for the month of the drowned dog. My father once bought me a cream trench mac with the comment that I should't always wear dark things in winter, and he was right.

  2. Thanks sweetie, your dad sounds like a wise man! The month of the drowned dog, how utterly appropriate...