Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Merry Swishmas

This one goes out to anyone who still has any doubts about the infinite joys of swishing. Madame la Moue and I thought we would do a Christmas fashion shoot to show you a small selection of the loot we bagged at last week's Sussex Uni clothes swap. So here we are pouting and prancing like a pair of deranged pantomime dames. Merry Christmas.

Cockatrice wears: wool bell-sleeved jumper by Mango, peasant skirt with smocked waistband and appliqued ribbon by Warehouse, belt from a previous swish. I love this look because it reminds me of the outfits my mum used to wear in the late 70s/early 80s when I was little. Aw...

Madame la Moue wears: cowl-neck top by New Look, peg chinos by Tirster

Cockatrice wears: t-shirt by Mango Exclusive Edition. Poutalicious...

Madame la Moue wears: cardigan by Topshop, jeans by South, feather shoes by Urban Outfitters from a previous swish. Spoddy wears: shoes by Kurt Geiger from an earlier swish, my hairband (in mouth, naturellement. Such natural style).

Cockatrice wears: black wrap dress with purple sweet peas by Great Plains. What did we do before the wrap dress? DVF, we salute you.

Madame la Moue wears: green silk dress by La Redoute, shoes by Kurt Geiger from previous swish, as above. Will you just look at those legs?

Oo-er missus: Cockatrice wears wrap dress by Wallis (muchos gracias to Therese la Tease for this one).

Spoddy wears: my boots. For goodness sake, will someone give this kid a modelling contract?

Bear in mind that this is just a *fraction* of our swag - I didn't even get pics of some of the best bargains. Photos still to come include: a gorgeous black satin kimono mini-dress courtesy of Mrs Loske-Page and a brand new Lulu Rose cardigan which still has its label on. Also, Madame la Moue got a brand new Kushi dress, still avec label, and a pair of Clarks patent, heeled brogues, which are still in store and which she had actually tried on and dreamed of buying. For FREE!

Get out there and spread the word: SWAP, DON'T SHOP! Happy Swishmas.


  1. Hey great blog!

    We are throwing a flagship Swish for Interntional Day of Swishing at Liverpool Streets Andaz Hotel on the 9th January.

    More info here www.swishing.com/events/118

    It would be great to see you guys there!

    Happy Swishing


  2. Sascha Loske-Page23 December 2009 at 12:29

    Looking forward to the Kimono picture. I am also very happy with my swished things. This time it was mainly comfy tops, but just what one needs in this layering season. x

  3. We forgot to photograph my amazing vintage jacket! Let me know if you want a photo for your next entry. MLM

  4. OMG next fashion shoot = vintage jacket, kimono and patent shoes.

    I am totally up for swishing on 9th Jan - thanks for the heads up, Lucy! MLM and Mrs L-P, you coming too? I hear there are cocktails... x