Saturday, 12 December 2009

Sizzling hot (and by the way, it's ethical)

I know I've already given you one magnificent party dress, but as it's the season of goodwill, I just couldn't resist treating you to another one (too kind, you say? Aw shucks, you're making me blush now). Specifically this one from People Tree, whose party dresses are 60% off at the moment:

It's hand-woven in Bangladesh by producers who earn double what they would in the conventional garment sector. But that's not why you want it (oh yes you do. And yes, I do know that not all of my readers are female: my statement still stands). You want it because that handwoven silk is cut beautifully, will feel amazing, and will turn you into the kind of Blanchett-esque amazon who leans elegantly against antique oriental armoires in a feathered headpiece.

All I can say is THANK THE LORD* that ethical fashion has become so desirable. FINALLY.

What People Tree are doing is called 'selling the sizzle'. As opposed to the (organic, vegan) sausage, that is. Selling those oh-so-seductive intangibles, not the dry facts and figures.

And why is Cockatrice telling us this, you ask? Well, you may have noticed that there's a big old climate change summit going on in Copenhagen at the moment, and that we're being sold a whole bunch of nightmare visions of global warming. Somehow, though, a lot of people still aren't buying into it. Now sustainability communications agency Futerra is urging governments and businesses to dump the 'climate hell' message and sell the sizzle, in the form of a new vision of low-carbon heaven, instead.

Well Paper Flowers is jumping on that hydrogen-powered bandwagon with the battle-cry that ethical, thrifty and eco can be hot, hot, hot. Hang on, can be? It already is! Take another look at that dress and tell me it's not sizzling.

*By which I mean of course, the universe, Mother Nature, or non-gender-specific numinous entity of your choice.

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