Thursday, 7 January 2010

Button bracelet

This charming bracelet was made for me by my gorgeous artist friend Rachael (a sneaky peek through the keyhole of Rach's amazing studio is coming soon to Paper Flowers). She made it entirely from recycled materials, including wire from the outside of wine bottles. How clever?

Bracelet photographed on an exquisite linen table runner I found in a charity shop in Brighton. For £1. £1!! Can you even believe it? There must be about a gazillion hours of work in it. And, even better, it perfectly covers the top of my favourite table, which I got for a bargain £23 because the top has been subjected to some form of indescribable torture involving burning objects. Hence the need for the runner.

If this has put you in the mood for a little wine-bottle-wire-related craft activity, why not make one of these super-cute champagne-cage bistro chairs? Full instructions on Design Sponge here.

And if you haven't got a couple of champagne (or at least cava) cages hanging around from Christmas and New Year, shame on you: you're obviously either far too abstemious or far too tidy. Either way, go and remedy the situation immediatement.

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