Sunday, 3 January 2010

New year's revolution

Here is my first new year's resolution: to cut my carbon footprint by 10% in 2010.

It's all too easy to feel powerless when faced with the mind-numbing ineptitude shown by politicians in response to climate change. One way to stop apathy and paralysis setting in is to take matters into our own hands, stop waiting for governments to tell us what to do and just get on with it.

So I have signed up to the 10:10 movement started by Franny Armstrong, director of The Age of Stupid. I love the argument made in this film that instead of feeling helpless, we should all feel immensely powerful: previous generations didn't know about climate change and future generations will be too late to stop it. This makes us the most powerful people who have ever lived on this planet, as we are the only ones who have the power to save humanity. We're superheroes, people!

As Kevin McCloud pointed out at the campaign's launch: "If you all go out and get 10 people to sign up to 10:10 and get them to sign up another 10 people on Friday, then by next Tuesday the whole planet will have signed up and we will have won." They're doing pretty well, but there's a long way to go, so why not join Stella McCartney, Colin Firth and over 52 thousand others and sign up?

Finally, massive congratulations to Mr and Mrs H, who started the new decade in wonderfully dramatic fashion: little Harry was born four days ago after superhuman efforts on the part of Mrs H. Ouch. Could someone please tattoo on my forehead: never have babies. Or at least never give birth to them. Because I hear it can hurt a bit... Oh, who am I trying to kid? Those tiny fingernails? I want one NOW.

Don't you just adore these exquisite animal prints baby H has above his cot?

Happy new decade.


  1. Photo of the baby please Mrs.

  2. Will see what I can do MLM... You ready for IDS (International Day of Swishing)?

  3. God yes i am so ready. It is on the calendar in the kitchen. It is official, it is happening. If you can wangle it arrange for me to come round when Anna and Harrison are there so I can have a cuddle (with the baby preferably.)