Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Recycled decor: Berry Red

The other day I baked these ginger biscuits using my Mum's recipe (for which clicky clicky here), but with one magic ingredient: I substituted one of the ounces of sugar for one of blackstrap molasses and then proceeded to faint with joy as soon as I tasted them. Good god, does ginger go well with molasses? This is also what gives them that lovely, dark gingerbread colour.

And don't you just want to marry this paisley baking paper? It was a Christmas present from my brother's lovely girlfriend Natalia.

It's made by Greengate and is available from Berry Red. Their website is full of lovely lovely bits for the home, many of which are recycled, including these frames, which are made from reclaimed wood by a charity in South Africa. LOVE THEM:

And these recycled notebooks with beautiful graphics, one of which I also got for Christmas (thank you Nat!):

The award for their top bargain, however, must go to this divine vintage cake poster at £2.75, which I am most tempted to order and frame to put on my kitchen wall (they also have a lovely vintage butterflies version):

The only question is which to try first, Macedoine of fruits with jelly or Tipsy cake?