Thursday, 21 January 2010

Save the planet mug and tote + sampler cushion

I was given this marvellous mug by my gorgeous friend Madame Pantalon. It says 'Save the planet: drink more tea, make more love'. It's a wonderful sentiment (even if the logic remains rather obscure to me):

Some time later, I was out shopping in Hove and snapped up this re-usable tote with the very same design at Bird and Rose, a lovely little shoppie on Blatchington Rd, full of antique bric-a-brac interspersed with vintage-stye bits and pieces. It's more book-bag than shopping-bag-sized, although I have been using it almost daily as both:

You can buy both of these online from dotcomgiftshop. I was just browsing that very site with the intention of providing you with links to them, when I came across THIS and promptly expired with lust:

Be still my beating heart...

I have a soft spot for embroidered samplers as my Mum collects them and has a beautiful one made by some ancient ancestor. It would be too, too tawdry to drop hints, of course... However, in the fortuitous event that anyone *happens* to be thinking of buying me a gift, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you make it this?

In other news, I started my new interior design course today and most informative it was, too. Not the airy-fairy, swatches-and-mood-boards self-indulgence I had hoped anticipated, at all: I have actually been doing technical scale drawings, would you believe?


  1. A cup of tea solves most things. I don't see why it shouldn't also save the planet. I get my tea imported from Betty's of York with the help of a sympathetic friend who lives in my former home town. Boston, unfortunately, has an historical tradition of being rather harsh in its treatment of fine char...

  2. I know that I feel all-round better and more motivated and able when I have been drinking tea and/or making love; I think your mug may indeed be on to something.

  3. Hmmm, you may be right, Claire and VB. I think some empirical research is needed in order to resolve this one.

  4. I concur! Love and tea: FOR SCIENCE.