Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Studio to chateau on a budget

Well Freecycle has come up trumps again. Yesterday I picked up a fantastic freestanding clothes rail, which will come in extremely handy for swishes. It was Freecycled by the lovely Ness, whom I met via Freecycle and have since got to know through clothes swapping - community eco-fabulousness in action.

One of the few downsides to Freecycle is that you don't get to see photos of anything before you decide. For those who don't like blind dates with their furniture, there is another option: Gumtree. You probably know about Gumtree already, but in case you don't, it has things for free and for sale, with photos. It doesn't just have furniture, either, but all manner of classified ads, with sub-sites in towns and cities all over the world.

I've had some stupendous bargains from Gumtree. To give you an idea of what's out there, I thought I'd trawl my local site (Brighton) and give you my pick of the past week's offerings.

As is this extendable dining table, which has a classic mid-century shape, and could look beautiful with the application of a bit of wire wool and beeswax:

In the for sale section, this fabulous vintage 1980s Ligne Roset tan leather sofa is just £75:

I adore this vintage dressing table chair, which is going for a song at just £20:

And finally, if you've got a bit more cash to splash, how about this di-vihne Regency sofa for £595? A swine to keep clean, but look how pretty:

Okay, this one's not pocket money (well not as far as my pockets go, anyway), but you only have to compare it to what you'd get for the same money in Ikea (not to mention one of those vile Furniture Village-type hellholes) to see that if you want chateau-style decor on a studio-flat budget, this is the way to go.

In other joys, Madame la Moue and I got some splendid new threads at Mrs Fitzpatrick's clothes swap (check out her wonderful afternoon tea party service here). I feel another fashion shoot coming on...


  1. My goodness, the Regency sofa blew me away, but there is absolutely no way ... Toddler and 1950s semi speak against it. But I am still looking for the perfect swished or recycled, or re-upholstered sofa.

  2. Aha, that sounds like a challenge, Mrs L-P! I will make it my mission to find one for you!

  3. Today at work I was dressed head to toe in clothes from Mrs Fitpatrick's swish. I received many admiring comments and people were open mouthed in amazement that it was all FREE. Swishing we salute you.