Tuesday, 23 February 2010

10 Peggy Mitchells

These are my valentine's day roses from the beautiful Egyptian, still going strong over a week later. 

I am still in the process of getting to grips with my new camera. I took these under artificial light, but think I must have had it on the wrong setting, so when I tried to adjust the colours, they suddenly took on that powdery-primitive look of 1950s greetings cards. And, you know what? I actually rather like it:

The vase is a genuine 1950s survivor. I found it on the £1 stall outside my local antiques shop - quel amazing bargain?

So much for modern technology eh? My camera has 10 mega-pixels (or 10 Peggy Mitchells, as Mrs H calls them, after a fabulous spoonerism by her brother); in the end though, it's the human error that adds the element of charm.


  1. The beautiful Egyptian everybody waxed lyrically about after my wedding? Nice vase!