Monday, 22 February 2010

Easy homemade pitta

Here, as promised, is a recipe for homemade pitta bread. It's actually my mum's recipe, and is super easy and quick to make.

Like my mum, I'm not a great one for measurements when cooking, so I must apologise if I'm not terribly precise with this one. Fortunately, this doesn't matter in the slightest here, as these seem to work perfectly whether I am heavy handed with the yeast, or have to use the last few grains left in the packet.

You don't even have to let the dough rise if you don't have time - they really are almost as nice. Alternatively, you can leave it to rise overnight in the fridge and use after a day or even two.

Easy homemade pitta
strong white bread flour ( I find the extra-strong 'bakers' grade' ones work best)
instant action dried yeast

Of course it's always a bonus if you have a willing assistant:


This is the six-year-old fruit of Madame la Moue's loins, Danny (or Spoddy, Spodule, Monsieur la Piche or Mr Moomoo. Poor lamb).

Click below for the full recipe after the jump. 

Mix some flour and a smaller amount of yeast in a bowl - the quantities *really* don't matter too much. Maybe the proportions should look something like this:

Add water and combine to form a dough.

Knead on a floured surface for about 5 minutes, or until the texture becomes elastic. If you have time, leave in a bowl covered with cling film and allow to rest and rise for as long as you feel like. Anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour.

Roll pieces into snooker-ball-ish-sized balls...

...and roll out into thin ovals. 

Fold the ovals in half...

...and roll again - this is what makes them split when they are grilled.

Place on foil and put under a hot grill. After a minute or so they will begin to puff up in dramatic fashion.

When they turn brown, turn over and grill on the other side. 

Enjoy while warm, soft and floury, with dips, wine and your favourite model car.


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