Thursday, 18 February 2010

Marc Jacobs skirt

This is a Marc Jacobs skirt in orange floral silk chiffon with mink velvet bows that I snaffled at the Brighton swish on Saturday:

Question: precisely how delightful is this skirt? Answer: heart-stoppingly delightful.

Today, however, I am all about the comfort factor, so am wearing a softer-than-a-baby-rabbit's-tummy grey cashmere v-neck, which came from yesterday's swish, thanks to Madame la Moue's mum. Little Harry gave this the seal of approval earlier this afternoon when he fell asleep on me while Mrs H ate her lunch. *Cue low drone of aching ovaries.*

Elsewhere, you can see another of my glamourous desks over on Desk Diaries. Madame la Moue has posted a new one too.


  1. Swoonarama skirt

  2. I know - is dangerous for me even to look at it without smelling salts to hand.