Thursday, 25 March 2010

Baby figs in spiced wine and honey

I found these poor, orphaned baby figs sitting sadly in the bargain bin in Waitrose and decided to rescue them and give them a VIP makeover. So I made them a bath of white wine and honey, sprinkled them with cinnamon and cloves and gave them a sauna in the oven:

And this is how they turned out. Okay, so wrinkly figs and melting ice cream could be more photogenic, but you'll just have to believe me when I say they were nectar-like. Eat your minxy, doe-eyed heart out, Sophie Dahl:

In other news, it was baby Harry's Christening on Sunday. Here he is with his new godmother:

Just how adorable are those little fists?

Note to self, in order to avoid awkward situations is imperative to repeat following mantra at all times: must not steal him. Must not steal him. Must not steal him.


  1. Indeed you must not, especially if your standard treatment for babies is an alcohol bath and a good roasting. Seriously though, that looks delicious.

  2. Thanks VB. Maybe Being Manly could have a recipes feature - or is cooking not considered manly enough? - Unless you swear a lot and throw things at people while doing it, a la Mr Ramsay, of course...

  3. No, no, I love cooking, and have been guilty of making the kitchen a male colony. My wife says I never let her in. I might seriously consider your idea, although perhaps I will turn the spotlight away from myself. As for cooking being manly, well: sharp knives, fire, things that sizzle, power tools (kitchen appliances are definitely power tools), and the wholesome relationship with meat. These things I think would be manly (obviously not exclusively) in most books. Moreover, there is a robust artistic bent that lends itself well to certain styles of cooking, the traditional English being one of them.

    Next up, Easter leg of lamb for three Canadians and a Korean. Right up my street.