Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Here comes the sun

At LAST, the spring sunshine struggles free from the joyless embrace of this exhausted season to coax us out of winter torpor.

And so a girl's fancies turn to thoughts of fashion. Specifically, what am I going to wear once the cocoon of thermal swaddling in which I have spent the last few months begins to look excessive?

The other day I wandered into Zara. Maybe it was because I hadn't been shopping for millennia, but I LOVED everything in the shop. So I thought I'd show you a few of my favourite picks. Wouldn't this make a great spring-into-summer capsule wardrobe?

Long-line, linen-mix blazer? I absolutely would:

Super-cute 50s-style patch-pocket skirt: £39.99, silk blouse £49.99:

ADORABLE beaded blue and gold bag, £49.99:

Utterly heavenly vintage-style silk blouse, £59.99:

The only other pieces I'd need would be a cashmere jumper, a pair of light-tan loafers and some high-waisted, tapered linen trousers and I'd be good to go for the new season. Re. the latter: does anyone have any recommendations? I am desperate for some of these...

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