Wednesday, 3 March 2010

How to have half-decent skin: step 3 of 4 - foundation

Now I know that make up isn't usually considered part of one's skincare regime, but I have to say that different foundations have made a massive difference to the state of my skin. So for me, it most definitely is.

I was introduced to mineral foundations by the lovely Kathryn, who let me play with her yummy Laura Mercier one. It took me a while to realise that not all mineral make up is created equal. Ooh noo no no. Most of the mass-market gunk that claims to be 'pure mineral' is really no different from conventional formulations, with talc, oils and waxes in its ingredients.

What your skin wants, essentially, is the fewest ingredients possible, and that means basically pigments and nothing else. My current foundation is Lily Lolo, which at £12 is *considerably* cheaper than most other 'true' mineral foundations, yet is made from the highest quality pigments.*

Application is a bit of an art form. Some mineral foundations come with a puff, but I would recommend the kabuki brush method, which involves buffing it into the skin to build up sheer or full coverage.

Amazingly for a powder, it has excellent coverage and staying power, although it appears that you are wearing *nothing* - no trace of icky, powdery cakiness.

Best of all, the zinc oxide in mineral foundation has a natural SPF and - get this - IT KILLS SPOTS. I knowAmazing. It's one of the much touted 'facts' about mineral make up that it's so good for your skin that you can sleep in it, although I haven't tried this myself. Bare Escentuals, one of the biggest mineral brands, even make a foundation that is designed to be slept in and to treat your skin while you sleep. (No, I did not just dream that. It really IS a thing.) 

Eensy word of warning: it took my combination skin a little while to get used to the new mineral regime - I found it quite drying at first, but it very soon settled down.

I am quite tempted to try that Laura Mercier one next. India Knight recommended it  a week ago, and she is infallible on all things make-up/skincare-related (the Lily Lolo was one of her recs too). Has anyone out there tried both? Kathryn, can you help?

*It is even vegan and BUAV and PETA approved.


  1. I was truly excited when I discovered the Stila cosmetics range (all vegan), particularly the foundation, but less impressed by the price tag.

    So, I'm trembling in my seat with anticipation. As soon as my flight arrives back into civilisation, I am dashing-out to find some decent AND affordable foundation.

    You're fabulous Cockatrice.

  2. Well, gorgeousness, guess what arrived in my Sydney postbox last week? Lily Lolo testers! I have yet to try them but the one I had (and still have!) was philosophy 'the supernatural'. Its wonderful. Am now going to decide between Lily Lolo, Laura Mercier and Prescriptives, which is meant to be up there with the best. Are you up for some Lewes househunting in June? x x x

  3. Ooh, thanks for the Stila tip, anonymous - I didn't realise they were all veggie!

    Kathryn loveliness! Am SO up for househunting - there is a lovely 3 bed for sale in South St with Cubitt and West atm... re. Philosophy: I think I must have been getting the foundation mixed up with your gorgeous Laura Mercier lippie... xxxx