Friday, 5 March 2010

The messy Parisienne bun

Ah, la Parisienne and her air of effortless insouciance!

I discovered these instructions on the YSL Experience Parisienne blog last week (in circuitous fashion via the ever-inspiring Glamourous Grad Student). The messy Parisienne bun has since become my 'do of choice and I have been wearing it continuously for days.

The key is not having super-clean hair (pas de probleme pour moi, as I tend to wash mine only two or three times a week anyway).

I know that this looks laughably simple, but what makes it different from my usual twist-and-secure-without-thinking-about-it bun is 1. it sits high on the crown; 2. using hairgrips or pins instead of a hairband to achieve that authentically loose knot and 3. pulling tendrils from the hairline at the nape of the neck and temples to add an element of romantic disarray. Et voila!

Allez! Soyez jolies, mes petites!


  1. Are those photos in the wrong order just to confuse me? BTW I SO want some Lilo Lil make up, thanks to your recommendation, that I actually dreamt last night that you can buy it in Debenhams. Can you in fact?

    That bun updo is adorable. Looked so fab on you - wish my hair could do it.

  2. And the prize for spotting the deliberate mistake goes to Madame la Moue! Well done MLM!

    Sadly you can't get Lilo Lil in Debs, but you can order samples from the LL website. I will let you play with mine if you are very well behaved...