Saturday, 3 April 2010

Country attire

I am currently nestling en famille in Herefordshire over Easter so thought I would take the opportunity to feature some *genuine* country couture on PF. (Although do bear in mind that I say this as possibly the world's *least* countrified country girl.)

Today I found this tweed riding jacket for £6.99 in the Oxfam in Hay-on-Wye:

What better look for feeding our two Shetland ponies, Cocoa and Tinkerbell?*

I bought the knitted tippet (tippet: oh happy word) months ago from the WI market in Tenby for £2. £2 for such exquisite knitting: and you thought Primark used cheap labour. Turns out they have nothing on the sweatshops of the Women's Institute.

So, dear readers, is my new showjumping look destined for rosettes or the knacker's yard? Your comments please...

*You see Madame la Moue, they do exist.


  1. £6.99? Absolute bargain. I love it. It looks like it was made for you.

  2. Thank you VB!

    I KNOW: it actually could have been made for me, it is such a perfect fit. It was certainly beautifully hand made for someone...

    Today Ludlow: charity shop Mecca!

  3. OK I believe you about the horses now. But tippet? Have you made that up?

  4. I NEVER make anything up, MLM, you know that. Do you like my riding look?