Thursday, 22 April 2010


Okay, here are the only two drawings I did last night that I can bear to show you (I changed my mind about the third one). I have just put another eight straight into the recycling because they looked like Guernica (in the mangled bodies sense, not the Picasso sense, obvs).

Drawing feet = arghhh. Foreshortening = double arghhh. [edit: after talking to MLM, I feel I should make it clear that her foot is in the air, not crossed over her leg. Oh dear.]


I have drawn literally nothing for years, so hopefully I will be able to chart some improvements in forthcoming posts. Madame la Moue says she will let me post hers too, so stay tuned...

Right, must finish the lecture which I am giving at 10am *flinch* tomorrow morning, and which I have only written a third of. Gah.


  1. Something bloody odd going on with the text here - must be to do with having to write that lecture - but the images are really rather fine. I shall look forward to more.

  2. Thanks VB - I think I have fixed it now - let me know if it still looks funny to you though...

    Finally got lecture finished at 2.10am. Was a good one though.

  3. delicate and inviting, exactly what I want from a life drawing