Monday, 12 April 2010

Mimi Berry purses

Madame la Moue and I have been lusting after these Mimi Berry 'Gracie' purses for at least a year, having become fixated by them in the lovely Lavender Rooms in Brighton's North Laines:

In fact it was its resemblance to the Gracie that prompted me to make my recent vintage bag purchase.

The good news is that the Gracie is reduced from £46 to £23 on the Mimi Berry website at the moment. You're welcome mes petites.


  1. OMG lustaroonie...must resist...must resist..

  2. You CANNOT resist the Gracie. Is not possible. The human will is not strong enough.

  3. Also: tanned hands with orange-red nails = SUCH a good look.