Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Shades of nostalgia

Recently I have had an unaccountable hankering after a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers. Unaccountable because I HATE feeling like I've been sucked into a celebrity-driven trend, and this one has been carrying on across the pages of Grazia et al for a lo-ong while now.

Actually, this started when the Beautiful Egyptian *stifled sob* replaced his teenage pair of black Wayfarers and I tried them on, only to discover they were amazingly flattering.

Ray Bans were the height of style during my eighties childhood. Don't you just adore this classic 80s ad? Those girls are too cool for school (although someone should warn them about Gary Glitter lurking in the background).

Apparently it was Ray Ban Wayfarers that completed Audrey Hepburn's iconic outfits in Breakfast at Tiffany's. My goal as a teenager was to emulate this look and I spent years searching for the perfect pair. For this reason, I'm not altogether convinced that they were Wayfarers. What do you think? They look rather bigger and rounder to me, but still...

If I were to sport a pair, they would undoubtedly be the classic originals, not the new, updated version, and they would be in tortoiseshell. Just in case you were wondering. For any reason...

In other developments, since I have been a bit down in the dumps, I have decided to try to get back in touch with my creativity. To my own astonishment I have started writing a novel. I KNOW. More on this story later.

Tonight I also went to a truly gorgeous life drawing class downstairs in the Bee's Mouth pub in Hove. I was not too dismayed by three of about ten drawings I made tonight. I might even show you one if I'm not to ashamed tomorrow (the others I am going to shred immediatement, obvs, as their malformed limbs and torsos would probably give you nightmares).


  1. Keep the rejects! They'll remind you of where you were.
    Sorry you've been in the dumps. I've been putting two and two together, and exhort you merely to keep your chin up. Creativity is curative strategy, I know.

  2. Thanks VB. Chin is in the upward position.

  3. You HAVE been sucked in Mrs. That is the power of celebrity and fashion. Didn't 'The Stuff White People like' write about just this subject?
    It reminds me of when I started putting salad cream on pizza. My friend in advertising told me it cooincided with an ad on TV for salad cream in which someone was dipping pizza into it. Divine, seriously. See you next week at life drawing. We can put our efforts side by side on your blog (to make you feel good).

  4. Salad cream on pizza, yum. Actually, I always preferred mayo on pizza - I think that is more of a thing white people would like as well.

    Can't wait for you to come to life drawing. Am just going to post mine from yesterday. Then MUST finish this lecture - can't believe I am still writing it.