Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Vintage handbag

I bought this vintage bag from Ludlow market on Easter Sunday for £10. Turns out that, not content with being the foodie capital of Britain, Ludlow is also fabbo for vintage clothes, shoes and bags. Who knew?

Things I love about this bag:

1. The clasp, which makes it work as both an oversized evening purse and an extra-dainty day bag.

2. The strap, which can be worn over the arm or the shoulder, which is rather unusual for a bag of this vintage.

3. The worn, soft, chocolate-brown leather. This is also the thing I hate. Having eschewed all leather for years, I was recently prompted (by clothes swapping) to consider the ethics of wearing second hand. If we want to recycle, shouldn't we recycle everything? I don't know... I am giving it a try. I may yet change my mind about it though...

Any advice?


  1. OMG is like that gorgeous Mimi purse that I covet. Well done on your bargain Mrs. I got a dress from Sue Ryder shop to wear to a wedding. I really like it but think it MIGHT make me look like middle aged landlady. Strange that.

  2. I KNOW! That is what actually made me want it!

    Middle aged landlady is so far from your natural state that I am sure no one could ever mistake you for one... Can I feature new dress on blog?

  3. My advice would be to pass it on to me :-)