Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Drawing in the dark

Last night I found myself in a dark room with a naked man. Oo-er. Before you get too excited, I should probably add that this was at life drawing. We had a power cut, which was quite exciting. We ended up drawing by the glow of the emergency exit light, candles and mobile phones. For one pose, anyway. Then we admitted defeat and finished early.

We didn't get to do any long poses, so here is the last of the 5 minute ones we did before the lights went out: Homme avec cushion.

No rude comments please... Madame la Moue, that means you.


  1. I like it Mrs. It has a kind of wispy quality that I admire. Was such a strange choice of pose wasn't it? I was flumoxed on the cushion side. DO THE INVITE IMMEDIATEMENT.

  2. Wispy, hmmm. Interesting choice of terminology. You should really be an art critic.

    Ya, had forgotten you were on the cushion side - no wonder you were depressed. Mad pose - he was shaking by the end of it.

    Decided I couldn't post the chiaroscuro one as he looked like a capering ape-man.

    Okay, will do invite. I cannot keep up with your competing demands Mrs. Was looking after Harry, so couldn't do anything earlier. Aw... Harry...

  3. Wispy as in Will o the Wisp if you remember our earlier conversation. Aw Harry..

  4. I cannot think *what* you are talking about. Harry. Aw...