Saturday, 1 May 2010

Life Drawing

Aarghh. Right, I am only doing this because I promised I would, and have been avoiding it for three four days. Here is the only life drawing I am not too ashamed to show you, from Tuesday's session:

I actually feel like I have regressed since last week. I don't know, maybe I was more self-conscious because there were people I knew there this time - Dr Correia, Madame la Moue and Nik the musician all came along.

Or perhaps it was something to do with the fact that the model this week had an absolutely amazing figure - tanned and toned and curvaceous at the same time. I know what you're thinking: 'no one's bottom can be that pert.' Oh yes it can. This alone would have been enough to render me suicidal, let alone unable to use a pencil. Anyway, here you are. I have kept my promise.

In other news, I have discovered the joys of receiving visitors from bed, like some sort of decadent eighteenth-century countess.

My bed is my favourite place in the world, especially in the late afternoon and early evening, when it is flooded by the setting sun. On Wednesday Mrs H brought Harry up to see me in bed, and promptly fell asleep while I had a cuddle with Harry, and yesterday Madame Pantalon popped in for a recumbent glass of wine and a gossip. Quel bliss.

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