Sunday, 16 May 2010

Looks from the swish

Hello swishettes. Here, as promised, is my pick of the best looks from Madame la Moue's clothes swap:

Therese la Tease wears swished sequined leggings and black satin ballet pumps (what legs!), Nadia wears black satin blouse, cardigan and skirt, all swished, Mrs Loske-Page wears swished jacket.

Antonella the Sicilian Princess wears swished dress and shoes.


Mrs Loske-Page makes her first foray into leopard-print with this dress.

I wear black Monsoon dress, vintage belt and pewter Clarks sequined sandals. All swished.

Zoe wears swished jacket, jeans and shoes. Charlie is clearly *particularly* excited by this look...

I wear black H&M jersey dress, sandals as above and coral scarf. All from the swish. (Note to self: must invest in some fake tan immediatement. Black dress + white legs = Not A Good Look).

Actually, Madame la Moue nabbed this scarf - I was just borrowing it, hoping that she wouldn't notice. Sadly, despite her inebriation, she did. Message to the person who brought this: where did you get it? I need one NOW.


  1. Great looks. I really need to get to a swish pronto - I have so many items to swap.

  2. Thanks for the pics! Fantastic evening. Particularly loved the bean dip. The leopard print dress has been causing quite a stir in the virtual and real world. Doesn't Antonella look just delightful? x

  3. Thanks Emma! You must HAVE one and post the results!

    Mrs L-P: you + leopard print = a revelation! Ya, Antonella is stunning - but then she IS a Sicilian princess.