Saturday, 15 May 2010

Madame la Moue's swish: the post mortem

Madame la Moue's clothes swap last night was a raging success. We had so many items that we had to extend outside, where Therese la Tease and Felicity immediately got stuck in:

Meanwhile it was elbows-at-the-ready in the kitchen, with two tables of clothes to choose from:

Therese la Tease and Madame la Moue give Zoe their opinion of a pair of Therese la Tease's *tiny* vintage pinstripe linen trousers:

MLM: 'Ooh, nautical! SO this season.' Zoe: 'Um, I can't actually breathe...' TLT: 'Maybe if I just... Oh dear, does anyone know first aid?'


Despite the freely-flowing cava, things were remarkably civilised during the early part of the evening:
Sadly, however, this was not to last, as Madame la Moue ignored the golden rule of drinking: if you can no longer raise the glass to your mouth, it's time to stop. I love the way she already has the paracetamol to hand - such a pro:

Long story short, she ended up under a duvet on the sofa, weeping over the fact that Antonella was returning to Italy the next day:

MLM: 'Aww... Antonellaaa... But you're my Sicilian princess...' Antonella: 'Must keep smiling. Must keep smiling. Oh God, only 12 hours to go before I can leave this madhouse.'

As we all left she slurred 'I love you. You're my favourite person.' Poor MLM. Far too sensitive for this world. Thank goodness she doesn't remember any of it today.

Come back tomorrow to see my pick of the best looks from the swish. Too fabulous, I promise...


  1. Ha ha that is HILARIOUS. What a night!
    Can I be in your photo shoot. Come over tomorrow and do it here. Today I am wearing a weird gold and black frilly book tube (ye gads), some weird trousers with drawstring bottoms (odd) gold belt (nice) red scarf (ha ha it's mine) and chunky cardi. My style has gone haywire.

  2. You were SO funny Madame. It was such a good night, wasn't it?

    Today I am wearing Zara tunic that I have no memory of picking up with Nadia's vintage belt and my new jeans. I look amazing.

    Tomorrow I am being a film extra, then it is Michele's party. How about Mon for photoshoot? Was just going to post some more photos from last night tomorrow.