Monday, 17 May 2010

What I wore: Medieval peasant-chic

 Today I wore this Zara tunic-dress and vintage belt, both free from Friday's swish. I have no memory of picking the tunic up, but have worn it every day since I discovered it in my bag on Saturday morning. I love the button detail down the sleeves - I think of it as 'Medieval peasant-chic':

Thanks to Nadia for the gorgeous belt, which has green and cream enamel inlaid into the buckle. Was the dress yours too, Nadia?

In other news, yesterday Rachael and I were extras in a film a friend of hers is making and I LOVED IT. I feel (yet) another new career coming on...

Edit: apols for odd hair - Harry had just been chewing it.


  1. I used to wear that belt many years ago and I love it too. It seemed wasted left in my drawer (and I must not get emotionally attached to clothes) I am glad you can enjoy it now. xxx

  2. Thank you sweetie, I promise to look after it and you always know where it is if you ever want to say hello to it! Is it Italian?