Friday, 11 June 2010

The continental lifestyle

This is me and Mrs H living the continental lifestyle on our terrace. And by 'terrace', what I mean is pavement. We have been here for nine years, but never thought of doing this until our street was pedestrianised last year. Now it is positively infested with faux-French pavement cafes, so we decided to join them:

We were greeted with great hilarity by passers-by, who actually laughed in our faces. We maintained a dignified composure, however, and after laughing and pointing at us for twenty minutes, the waiters from the Real Eating Company opposite our house crossed the road with a complimentary bowl of olives for us. Who's laughing now, eh? 

This arrangement is so much more sociable than just sitting in your own garden - we've had hordes of our friends and neighbours passing by and joining us for drinks, snacks and strawberries - what jolly fun!

We were sitting out here when my latest lovely couchsurfers, Max and Manjula from San Francisco arrived last week. You can read about their trip on their blog here. Sadly the couchsurfer who arrived after them was not *quite* so considerate. She did leave me a little gift, however it wasn't quite the kind I was expecting...

More on that story later. Tonight I must get my beauty sleep in preparation for lovely Emily's weekend-long birthday celebrations tomorrow...

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