Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A few more drawings

I did these life drawings while I was in the slough of despond, and was so convinced that they were dreadful that I didn't look at them for a week. When I got them out yesterday, I was surprised to discover that 1. they aren't as bad as I remembered and 2. they are rather different from my usual style - particularly these first two (clicky if you want to enlarge):

I especially like the one above as it reflects my mood at the time. I like the way her face is steely but calm. And I like the way she is holding herself with ridiculously large arms. I find it comforting.

I am much cheerier now, not least because last night I was taken to London on a fabulous date, which I will tell you all about tomorrow. In other news, tonight I will be attending the premiere of the film I was an extra in recently. I have to say, I love my life.

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