Saturday, 26 June 2010

Looks from the Swisharama

Today I thought I'd show you a few more looks from my Summer Swisharama. I am in love with this black and white satin dress swished from Isabel. I adore the Biba-esque pattern. The gorgeous Laura wears shirt swished from me. (Quite what kind of bizarre pose I am attempting here, I have no idea. I look like some kind of stiff and immobile shop-window mannequin. Rather unsettling, actually)

I wore this dress last night when I went to see the incomparable Arthur Brown with Merlin, Mr H and lovely Kathryn. Lovely Kathryn is one of my oldest and most treasured friends, who has just returned from several years in Oz:

Kathryn wears cowboy boots brought by Julie. Jodie wears vintage dress brought by Sam and Nicki.

Sam shows off the incredible shrinking clothes rail, which actually started the evening at shoulder height...

Zoe wears black sequin-detail dress, swished (I think) from Isabel.

Mrs L-P wears top swished from Mrs H. She calls this her 'Merchant Ivory corset'. How fabulously demure? Helena Bonham-Carter eat your heart out.

Laura wears top swished from Mrs H. I wear silk chiffon Monsoon dress. Not sure who brought this but I LOVE it. However, I am fairly migrainous with envy at Laura's washboard stomach. And this having carried a child, goddammit.

Oh, and did I mention the madperson with the hair?

Madame la Moue wears jeans swished from Kathryn, jumper swished from moi, hair swiped from Isabel's actual scalp.


  1. What a nice evening it was. Isabelle has made at least two girls very happy. I wish I knew who walked off with the Jelabiya I brought. Thanks for putting the pics up. Mr P-L was amused. I very much like the mirror pic. I hope you don't mind me using it on FB. x

  2. Glad you like the mirror composition Alex. I was being creative. I am v jealous of that mac you got. There is no relaxing at a clothes swap, I must remember to stay more on the ball. Leila, that black Monsoon frock was from Zoe/Charlie. This post is v funny by the way. Chris actually LOVES my mad hair....

  3. Oh it was you who took the mirror photo was it MLM? I thought I didn't remember taking it. You should SO start a new career as a photographer - you are clearly an artistic genius.

    I love your new hair too. I think you should actually get some. SERIOUSLY.

    Re. frock: THANK YOU Zoe/Charlie. Re. mac: I KNOW. SO envious. Re. FB, bien sur!

  4. Photo has been credited accordingly on FB. It really is very nice, thank you so much for taking it Madame La Moue. x

  5. Yes I was official photographer from the sofa. Do you both have amnesia? Yes Mrs I will become a photographer immediatement. Know anyone getting married, christianed, bar mitvahed? I need my first commission.