Tuesday, 1 June 2010

What I wore: Queen Esther's birthday

Hello dear readers. Sorry about the long absence - life has been one long social whirl lately and I haven't had a minute between bohemian parties to update you. Madame la Moue has just emailed me saying 'Change Edamame before I have nervous breakdown.  Just put a new pic up of something.' So here are some pics of the outfit I wore to Queen Esther's birthday on Sunday:

Black linen maxi dress: Pradamark about four years ago (I am SO ahead of my time); metal belt: this season's Accessorize; pewter platorm stilettos: a one off sample designed by Mrs H, but never put into production (why, I have no idea - they are divine).

I covered up with this white Indian embroidered shawl that I found second hand for £7.50 on Sunday:

The party was super-boho: actual hordes of virtuoso musicians and poets performing amidst flaming torches in the middle of the Sussex countryside.

Lots more to tell you, but must go and catch up on my beauty sleep now. Bonne nuit...

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