Thursday, 29 July 2010

Divine of Divineness Florentine Purse

Madame la Moue writes:

I know, gorgeous isn't it? It cost six Euros from San Lorenzo market and I bought it last week when I was there with Mrs. Notice in particular its super soft baby pink leather lining. It was this that clinched the deal for me and I bought the purse a few moments after I had spotted it and plucked it decisively from amongst the other purses on the stall. This is how a purchase of an inexpensive item should be made i.e. quickly and decisively. But OH MY GOD when Mrs buys a purse it is a whole other story. Jeez just thinking back to it makes me develop an involuntary tic and start rocking back and forth.

This is how buying a purse goes in Mrs's world:

1. Firstly spend hours identifying the best purse stall. (Luckily I escaped this part as I was doing ALL my Christmas shopping on other stalls).
2. Once target stall is identified remove EVERY SINGLE purse from its protective plastic wrapping and lay them all out over the other purses on the stall.
3. Narrow down choice to a small selection (this bit takes FOREVER)
4. Check all other purses again to make sure this is in fact the shape/size/style you want.
5. Ask patient friend which one she likes best (REPEATEDLY)
6. When nearing a decision ask stallholder if she has any more purses in stock that you have not seen. NOTE TO STALLHOLDER - LIE GODAMMIT LIE.
7. Repeat stages 2-5 (ENDLESSLY.)
Despite the sweltering heat and lack of shade I actually started to find this activity intriguing in a kind of horrified way. It was amazing and exhausting to watch. Apparantly she does this with all purchases she makes.
Eventually she got two nice purses and I think she is pleased.

One thing she didn't check though was whether a credit card fits in her purse. It doesn't.

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