Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Florence: the post mortem

So Madame la Moue and I had a remarkably civilised time in Florence. She is quite a cheap date now that she is sloshed after una birra media, per favore. Or rather, she would be a cheap date if two beers in Florence did not cost £16. I jest not.

Madame organised an arduous cultural itinerary and we were careful not to appear indecently gleeful when churches turned out to be closed and we were forced to go shopping instead (this happened four times, *sigh*).

Madame la Moue just after she arrived in Florence

We bought some lovely presents for our nearest and dearest (and just a *couple* for ourselves) at the San Lorenzo market. MLM made insanely reckless impulse purchases, while I spent two days scouring the whole market, then visiting the same three stalls ten times and making the stallholders get out all their purses in every colour. Will post some pics of our purchases toute de suite.

Madame la Moue bought herself a gorgeous purse. And for Monsieur la Moue, she bought... meat. Which by the time she gets home would be warm and sweaty. Lovely. ‘Here you are darling, I brought you back some warm meat.’

Actually that reminds me of a conversation I heard between some American tourists at breakfast. (N.B. I am not the type to laugh at people just because they are American Tourists. God forbid. I only laugh at them if they are stupid American tourists. Which is, of course, much less fascist.) It went like this:

‘You do know what pah-TAY is.’

‘Pah-TAY? No I don’t.’

‘It’s like a kind of cream, but made of food.’


‘You know, like a cream. But made of meat.’

‘A cream made of meat?!’

It is at times like this that I am glad to be vegan. I may have been living on a sort of anti-Atkins of carbs-on-carbs with a side order of carbs in Italy, but at least I will never have to eat a cream made of meat.

Next time on Paper Flowers: what happened when NR came to Florence...

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