Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sir, Yes Sir!

So now Madame is texting me with photos and instructions about what to put on her blog. She sent me this photo with details about where each item of clothing was from. As I cannot be bothered, after a hard day at work, to reach for my mobile phone in my bag on the other side of the bed, I am going to improvise. It will be a test of memory to see how much I was taking it all in. Fingers crossed this languor will not incur the wrath of Mrs. So here goes. The Great Chief Empress wears: dress from American Apparel; belt from Accessorise; bag Kew (swished); sandals, no idea, but swished (from Therese la Tease as I recall). Her cousin wears: dress, H&M; belt from NZ; and bag, what do we think? Vintage?
Anyway they both look adorable. However Madame is tout couvert de mozzie bites and looks as though she has the pox apparantly. I am armed with DEET for the weekend.
I have just published this post but have gone back in to edit it as, noticing the date, I realised this was my little boy's due date. Bastille day. Appropriate as he is a quarter French. However he was actually born on 27th July. 13 DAYS LATE!!!!!!! I WAS PREGNANT FOR 42 WEEKS GODAMMIT. Anyway it was all worth it, despite the horror of a 3 day labour and hideous Post Natal Depression, just to see the joy, yesterday, on his six year old face as he took photographs of his willy.

Boys will be boys.


  1. Flora was 13 days late, and still tiddly. Since she was so small (and so was I) it was actually bearable. Labour wasn't, but that's another story. To bring this back to "fashion", I had invested in a pedicure the week before I gave birth, because I wanted my feet to look fabulous in the birthing pool. Nice deep red nail varnish, to match the blood bath. As it happened I never even saw the pool but ended up on an operating table, with my socks still on. I was mortified, because they didn't match! Never forgave myself for that faux-pas. I could provide pictures, but I don't think I will. Sascha

  2. Ha ha. Well done for that feat of memory MLM. Absolutamente correctamente - told you I was bilingual now.

    Can't wait for Firenze and debauchery!

    Cockatrice xxx