Sunday, 4 July 2010

Uh oh

Cockatrice is on hols. She left for Italy today where I will be joining her in a couple of weeks for a long weekend of culture and larks. Meanwhile she has given me access to her blog. Mwah ha ha ha (is this how you spell evil laugh?). What havoc can I wreak here whilst she is away?

So anyway I have a dilemma which maybe you can help me with. Some time ago I lent Cockatrice my camera and, when she gave it back to me, her rechargeable batteries were in it. The thing is I thought I had returned them to her and, at her Swish party a couple of weeks ago, we had a bit of a stand off which went something along the lines of:

C: Did you remember to bring my batteries back?

Me: I gave them back to you ages ago

C: You didn't

Me: I did

C: Didn't

Me: Did

C: Didn't

Me: Did

etc. etc. in the manner of two vile stubborn five year olds. This continued until I turned on my heel and reached for another Smirnoff Ice (ghastly by the way. I got it in lieu of Pimms as Tescos had run out - WHAT was I thinking?) So anyway today I found the batteries at home. Uh oh. So my dilemma is what to do. Options:
a. 'Fess up, apologise and give the batteries back (clearly what I should do)

b. Say nothing and keep my head down (cowardly?)

c. Steal into her flat whilst she is away and plant them somewhere and then 'stumble across' them when she gets back saying, 'oh look! HERE they are. I TOLD you I brought them back ages ago' (cunning).

I'm up for option c.

What do you think interwebnet? What shall I do? By the way Cockatrice does not have internet access in Italy.

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  1. b and c will at best work for a fortnight, unless you can think up a way to unplug the UK. 'Honesty is the best policy' seems like a tired platitude only because it is true.