Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Dress dilemma

I have fallen in love again. But this time it's with a dress...

I have been looking for something to wear to the wedding of one of my oldest friends in two weekends time. It has to be drop dead gorgeous as 1. I am doing a reading so everyone will be looking at me for at least two minutes and 2. weddings of schoolfriends are a bit like school reunions: fertile ground for comparisons and one-upmanship.

Could it be because you all started out from exactly the same point that comparisons like who's more successful/richer/thinner or has better looking partners/children/clothes are SO tempting? And I don't just mean in the bitchy 'She's put on a few pounds' whispered-from-behind-the-hand way either. I mean in the must-look-half-decent-so-do-not-return-home-with-sole-desire-of-slashing-own-wrists way.

SO. Today I thought I had found a solution in the form of this nude/pink, silk ruffled number from Warehouse, reduced to £45:

This ticks all the boxes in that it is smart, sexy and just a little bit boho/vintage-esque. I ADORE IT. There's only one problem: no size tens left in the entire country...

As always happens when I am happy/in love, I have had a healthy (ahem) appetite recently and have managed to go up from a size 8 to a size 10. At least, I have in Warehouse sizes anyway (could someone please tell me that WH are notoriously small sizers generally only worn by supermodels and heroin addicts?).

So here is the dilemma, do I: 1. Order it in an 8 and not breathe or eat for the entire wedding? 2. Spend the next week and a half crash dieting? Or 3. Spend the next week and a half looking for something similar which will inevitably not be as nice, then spend the whole wedding wishing I had bought the first one?

Advice please.

Edit: Have just realised that strictly speaking this is probably a trilemma, but am not certain whether this is an actual thing or not...


  1. How bad does the 8 look? Does it actually hurt? I would diet for the next week and a half if I were you. Or go to that curry house and has that wonderful rice that makes you lose weight really quickly.

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  3. Talking of reunions with school friends I have one in a couple of weeks with friends from PRIMARY school.(They were the IT girls and I imagine are both still thin and gorgeous). At the moment I am more than a stone over weight and have mullet. Think yourself lucky.

  4. No, it doesn't actually HURT... It's more an effect of cling-filmed lumpiness around the waist and bust, as opposed to skimming over perfectly-toned contours as you see on the model.

    Ya, there is always the food-poisoning diet, I suppose. Or perhaps I could get ask NR to dump me and go on the heartbreak diet...

    What are you going to wear to your reunion?

  5. I will be going to London tomorrow. Shall I have a look at WH shops there? A x

  6. Aw, bless you! I have a secret plan to phone up WH HQ, so may give you a ring if I need you to go on a mission! x

  7. Okay. I will be in the British Library, but going via the CHaring Cross area. There must be a Warehouse round there. Mobile number in FB message. x