Saturday, 18 September 2010

Glamourous Granny

Thank you for your suggestions for a new name for NR. I will put them to him tonight and see which, if any, he prefers. Stay tuned for the results...

Today I thought I would just show you a picture of my super-stylish, 84-year-old grandmother. This summer she had to give a speech in New Zealand in front of the Prime Minister. This is what she wore (she is the one in the middle):

Precisely how fabulous? She bought this maxi dress in Italy and wore it for her silver wedding anniversary in 1975. It still fits and it still looks utterly stylish. In fact, it looks so perfectly this season that I have asked her if I can borrow it for a wedding in October.

All I can say is that if I can look this fab in my eighties, I will consider myself very fortunate indeed.

Right, am off to a bohemian TV presenter's party with NR now. Am wearing paisley snakeskin metallic boots and a dress and necklace swished from Mrs H. Pics coming soon...

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