Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Secrets and surprises

First things first: the other day I had a chat with NR over a delicious Indian meal at Chaula's about his new name. We decided on MM (My Man, as suggested by Madame la Moue [edit: I should have said suggested by NADIA - sorry Ms Terrazzini]), as this allows me to use his actual initials while still maintaining an air of mystery...

The other thing I must tell you about is what happened last Friday: the night started with me going out for birthday cocktails with a few close friends. I thought I'd give my outfit for this weekend's wedding a trial run:

So I had a mojito and a couple of cosmopolitans then got a lift back to MM's house - where he was supposed to be cooking me a quiet meal - with Nancy.

I couldn't work out why she a. took the wrong route back; b. decided she suddenly needed to stop off at the cash machine; then c. proceeded to have a long and unnecessary conversation with a random stranger at said cashpoint. Couldn't work it out, that is, until I walked in and found nine of my closest friends waiting to surprise me - some of whom had actually hot-footed it down from the cocktails to get there before me.

Lovely friends; MM's is the empty seat - see what I mean about the air of mystery?

It turns out that MM and Madame la Moue had been plotting a surprise dinner without my knowledge, the crafty beggars...

MM made THE MOST DELICIOUS three course meal, which included butternut squash and almond tart to start, HANDMADE ravioli, tofu, porcini mushrooms, roasted aubergine and mashed potato, and mango fool for pud. On top of which, Madame la Moue had commissioned the most DIVINE, strawberry-topped vegan chocolate cake.

I cannot tell you how super-touched I was by all this - no one has ever thrown me a surprise birthday before. I am a very lucky girl and feel very blessed to have such truly gorgeous friends and such an amazing man. That is all.


  1. Hey you, the new name MM was actually my suggestion! It was a lovely evening, glad I was there. X nadia

  2. Oh yes, just double checked and I was right. Madame went for FW (?) and NF! X

  3. It was a lovely evening. So glad you enjoyed it. While Nancy was trying to be really slow I was trying to drive really fast with our old tank. I was very impressed with YM ('Your Man'). The most splendid host. Loved the food as well (and this comes from a dedicated carnivore). Sascha x

  4. Ah, you are right Nadia! Will correct this immediatement! xx