Saturday, 25 September 2010

What I bought

Today is my birthday. I am an LP.* In order to cheer myself up in the face of impending old age, I took myself off to The Shops. Want to see what I got? Oh, okay then:

THAT'S RIGHT. I got it. And in a size 10 as well. There is only one thing worse that having too little choice. Yup, you've got it: having too much. Warehouse went from having NO tens to having SIX.

Aa anyone who has spoken to Madame la Moue about my shopping behaviour, or read this, will know, I can occasionally be prone to indecision... So I'm afraid I had to try on all six of them. THREE TIMES. But it was worth it because NOW I KNOW THAT I GOT THE BEST ONE.

To go with it I got this softer-than-a-kitten's-armpit grey scarf from Zara (£19.99) and this perfectly-coordinating corsage from Claire's Accessories (4.99), which I will wear in my hair for the wedding:

Ooh, and also this gorgeous pink blusher by Bare Minerals (17.99):

I know, I have been very bad and spent lots of money I don't have, but yesterday was my birthday. Speaking of which, naughty Madame la Moue and NR conspired with others of my lovely friends to surprise me...

More on this story later, now I am off to watch Argentinian detective thriller The Secret in their Eyes. A plus tard mes petits.

* 33 (rpm).

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