Monday, 25 October 2010

Big News...

Hello dear and patient readers. Thank you for bearing with me while I cruelly witheld our secret plot from you. Well now the moment has arrived: all can finally be revealed...

Madame la Moue and I have started... a business! Yes, don't laugh, we are now bona fidey businesswomen who have business meetings in business outfits and everything.

So what is this pioneering new enterprise, I hear you ask? We have actually created our dream jobs: from now on we are going to be professional Swish Mistresses! Our new company is called My Swish: take a look at our sparkly new website:

We were waiting until we had secured our first event before the grand unveiling and I hope you think it was worth the wait. It will be taking place at the gorgeous Lansdowne Place Hotel in Brighton on 14th November on a Sunday afternoon:

The hotel has been fabulous: they have created an special Swishtini cocktail for us, which will be half the price of the other ones, swishettes can have afternoon teas - including champagne afternoon teas for the more decadent among us and therapists from the exclusive Lansdowne Place Hotel Spa will be doing manicures.

As if that wasn't enough, our stunning friend Therese la Tease will be performing a burlesque can-can for the delectation of swishettes!

I am only slightly trepidatious about going into partnership with Madame la Moue. Do you think I should regard this as a warning sign: she just asked me if 2 for one is cheaper than buy one get one for 53p...?

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  1. I knew the answer really I was just JOKING!
    I am not that much of a maths gimp.