Monday, 11 October 2010

Looks from the Sunday Swap Shop

We had a fantastic swap yesterday. The sun shone its little socks off and swishettes all over Sussex emerged blinking into the unaccustomed light and followed the scent of free clothes to MM's front door.

MM, by the way, was beyond amazing. While I swanned around the Gauguin show on Saturday, he knocked up a vast vat of veggie chilli and the most delicious split pea soup that had everyone coming back for seconds. And thirds.

The men were confined to the downstairs sitting room and kitchen to allow us girls to try things on to our hearts' contents upstairs. Here are a few snappettes from the girls' swish:

Michele has a good rummage

Suzy, Nadia and Terese la Tease get stuck in

Kate looks fabulous in this dress brought by Madame la Moue

Claire looking stunning in a dress that has already done the swishing rounds once before - from Mrs H via Madame la Moue

MLM in newly-swished outfit: pose-tastic

MLM and me: my gorgeous dress was swished from Mrs Loske-Page. This is what we believe the beautiful people do when stopped by the paparazzi. We are tragically deluded, obvs.

While the girls got on with the clothes swapping upstairs, the boys were in charge of the menswear, book, CD and tool swapping downstairs. Now it must be said that, while they made a valiant effort, the men weren't quite as good at swishing as we were. For a start, not as many of them turned up (free clothes not having the same irresistible lure for the male psyche), and those that did make it seemed to prefer standing around chatting over a drink. Tsk.

Still, I haven't given up on the idea of men's swishing altogether. I have high hopes that with the right training the less-fair sex can learn to enjoy the thrill of the swap just as much as we do. Girls: this is your mission if you choose to accept it. Who's with me?

Elsewhere in the swishosphere, there is VERY exciting news from the people at Brighton 10:10, who are holding a swish THIS WEDNESDAY! See here for details. Ooh, I can hardly wait!

(Incidentally, we held our swish on 10:10:10, when people all over the world were doing things to cut carbon emissions as part of the brilliant 10:10 movement (sign up here if you haven't already). This was in fact sheer coincidence, but in any case we did our bit.)

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