Saturday, 30 October 2010

Co-businesswomen of the year 2010

Things have been very busy at the new My Swish company HQ this week (aka my kitchen table). Madame la Moue and I have been having business meetings aplenty (aka tea and cake) and have taken to signing ourselves co-businesswoman of the year 2010...

Tickets are flying off the interwebnet like hot cakes for our Swishing Extravaganza on 14th November, so if you are planning to come I implore you to book online in advance to avoid the soul-sucking disappointment of turning up on the day and finding that we have sold out. Can you even imagine the devastation? No, neither can I.

We will soon have more exciting news for you, of which I can give you but a few tantalising hints at present. On Monday we hop to be able to tell you about an upcoming My Swish event in lovely Lewes, as well as a collaboration with another gorgeous local burlesque artiste... Perhaps most excitingly of all, yesterday I was interviewed about My Swish by a truly fabulous national magazine. When we were contacted about this, Madame la Moue and I were actually shaking with excitement.

In other news, MM and I had a little trip to Eastbourne. I have lived in Sussex for 13 years and, to my great shame and consternation, had driven through Eastbourne but never actually stopped and been into it. This was a mistake on my part. It turns out that Eastbourne is full of amazing places that haven't been touched in fifty years and which have been entirely purged from trendy Brighton and gentrified Lewes.

Here I am in a seafront cafe that must be almost untouched since it was built somewhere around 1960. Fabulous:

MM and I are off out to Brighton now, where it is White Night. All manner of performances and events are taking place all night. We are going to visit Mrs L-P, who is manning the Brighton Pavilion till midnight. What larks.

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