Sunday, 7 November 2010

Vintage fashion fair

Today Madame la Moue and I had  lovely day out at the fabulous Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair at Brighton Racecourse. Very cheering and an excellent opportunity to meet some very friendly and creative people and persuade them to have stalls at our upcoming My Swish events.

I gave myself a strict budget and promptly went over it. By 100%... Oh well, I did get some super bargains, including this ensemble. Camel jumper: Pringle; raspberry tweed skirt: Towncliffe. I adore these two together. Raspberry and camel: my tip for the next hot colour combination. You heard it here first. MM told me I looked like Miss Jean Brodie in this outfit. That's a good thing, right?

I fell in love with this black silk dress, which has a lace bodice covered by a sort of black chiffon capelet. It is actually *slightly* too small for me, but I did negotiate a fantastic deal of £43 for the three and as long a I don't breathe the pain is almost unnoticeable, so all in all a good deal I feel.

I will be accessorising my new outfits with this fabulously grown-up handbag, which came from the lovely girls at Vintage Owl Boutique, who had a stall at the vintage fashion fair and, with a bit of luck will also be gracing the My Swish events with their special brand of vintage glamour:

In other news, My Swish has been getting its name about all over the place this week. Have a look at fab blog Vintage Brighton to see our top tips for a successful swish. We're also going to be featured in the Brighton Argus Woman section tomorrow, as well as Latest magazine this week. AND, AND... My Swish will be featured in the January issue of Cath Kidston Magazine. I KNOW. Cath Kidston's ACTUAL magazine! We're in it!

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