Saturday, 18 December 2010


Actually, I forgot, I DID take a few photos at the swish on Sunday, but only AFTER we had repaired to the bar for a post-swish debrief. Needless to say, we were a *little* the worse for wear by this point. Well, Madame la Moue was anyway. I was actually intending to drive home, however my poor 12-year-old, £150 Clio, Nicole, had other plans. The freezing weather didn't suit her delicate French temperament and we ended up having to walk home.

But I digress. As I say, I did take a couple of snaps. This should give you an idea of their general tone:

Madame la Moue: she may be a frightful lush, but at least her roots are done. And she no longer sports a Rick-Wakeman-esque mullet. Which is the main thing.

N.B. MLM is simply laughing here (albeit with her head on the table). I felt I should point this out as MM has just said: 'She's not being sick into her hand, is she?' No, she is not. She is far too classy for that.

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