Saturday, 11 December 2010

On why fashion is my life and swishing is the way forward

Madame la Moue writes:

This evening Leila, Nadia and I went to a swish. Having stumbled across the event some weeks ago on Facebook we decided we must attend, not only to check out our competition but also because as swish organisers we realised we don't get to do any actual swishing ourselves anymore. We needed a swish fix. 

Not knowing what to expect, we were delighted with what we found. The organisers, Sussex War on Want, were running the event in a corner of Hector's House pub in Brighton. The clothes were displayed on rails and tables and rather cleverly, we thought, pegged on clothes lines. Why didn't we think of that? (We may well borrow this idea for our own events...)

Leila and I arrived first, paid the very reasonable entrance fee, placed a load of our flyers for our next swish on the front desk (ever the opportunist business women) and hotfooted it to the tables. We were not disappointed.

I immediately snagged a gorgeous grey Topshop sweater dress with pockets:

...and soon afterwards found a pair of Topshop Baxter jeans in my size. Leila, meanwhile, had found a divine Radley leather bag and I found her an amazing Primark black mac (which by coincidence Therese la Tease also has). Moving on I found a soft as butter black leather biker jacket (I know!!).

From the other side of the table Leila had snaffled a pair of gorgeous leather boots for me:

Whilst I was deciding on a pale denim shirt/dress which Leila thought was fashion-forward and Nadia thought would be good for doing the decorating in...

...Leila came up trumps again for me by finding a wagtastic sparkling peacock feather t-shirt:

My lucky day! A leopard print, sequinned bag appealed to my inner wag and topped the lot. I was officially in heaven.

If you are in need of a swish fix our next event is THIS SUNDAY!!!! Pelham House in Lewes, 3pm, book online to ensure you get a goody bag brimming with fabulous treats including a £10 voucher for Pelham House restaurant and Dermalogica goodies.

*you may notice my photos are fairly harshly cropped, this is because I am officially the least photogenic person IN THE WORLD. It's the truth.


  1. Therese says: Swish envy, ladies! Can't wait for tomorrow's swish! x

  2. I was there 30minutes too late..the professional swishers had cleared the floor of all that was good leaving me with swish envy and a ill-fitting cardi..must do better tomorrow!

  3. Damn those professional swishers...!

  4. Have just noticed the telly in the background... Did Chrissey take these WHILE WATCHING THE GOLF?? Bahaha! The glamour!