Friday, 3 December 2010

A report from your Paris correspondent

Here are some of the things MM and I have seen in Paris. They're a rum lot, these Frenchies, is all I can say:

Tree of shoes

Advertisement for Orangina on bar window, featuring deer in underwear



 Me on telly

Yoda foetus

Galeries Lafayette all lit up like Notre Dame

A modest Christmas tree inside Galeries Lafayette

I'm afraid we'll have to wait for our appearance in the Daily Mirror (or as Madame la Moue and I are calling it, Plan for World Domination: Step 1). We will be in print at some point, but MLM will have to tell you about it as I am in Gai Paree. I texted her to ask whether she had been checking the Mirror, but all she replied was 'Yes, I check it regularly. Am still stunning...'


  1. You know what? I am sure that the deer in a bikini is in fact a kangaroo.

  2. Or maybe not. Have just noticed its front hooves.

  3. Ha ha - I have also seen a giraffe and a PENGUIN! Will try to get more photos!