Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Tips on how to get your car through its MOT

Madame la Moue writes:

This is a short post with two purposes. Firstly so I can try to show this grey dress in a more positive light and secondly so I can share with you tips on how to get your car to pass its MOT. Since I swished this dress last Sunday I haven't worn anything else. It is SO cosy, perfect for this weather. It is like wearing a winceyette nightie all the time. I am wearing it here over swished leggings and swished beaded vest top, the modern day equivalent of thermal underwear. Warm as toast! On top I am wearing my GORGEOUS new cardi courtesy of the Red Cross charity shop in Lewes. (By the way there are some fabulous pink sequinned shoes in there that Mrs Maloo thought I should buy - why? Am not a drag queen, or is she trying to tell me something?) Actually she thinks we should start wearing full over the top evening dress to all our swishes. Yeah OK Mrs, we'll think about that one, do some brainstorming and then make an executive decision.

You cannot really tell from this fuzzy photo taken by Spoddy but the cardi has lovely polka dots on it. F & F would you believe? Tesco is so stylish these days.

So anyway regarding the MOT. My car's MOT is always due at Christmas when we are most skint. So yesterday before I took it to the garage the other half suggested I use my feminine wiles to try to get it to pass. Now I would not usually go along with such ideas but in these most difficult financial times I took a deep breath and went for it. I wore this dress and my most cleavage enhancing bra and leaving my coat open (despite the sub zeros temps) I sashayed up to the garage and engaged in some mild flirting with the nice MOT fella. And would you believe it THE CAR PASSED!!!!! It has NEVER EVER passed it's MOT in all the 7 years we have had it. Three cheers the LK Bennett dress!


  1. Well done Madame la Moue, what a result! You are such a femme fatale! How does this sit with your Millie Tant principles?

  2. It doesn't sit comfortably at all madame, not at all. Buon natale in Herefordshire. XX

  3. Ah poor MLM, things have come to a pretty pass when you have to sell your body for an MOT...

    MM has bought me the most gorgeous new red dress for Christmas - must post pictures xxx

  4. Not sure this is technically selling one's body. Thank goodness it passed though or who knows what might have happened.