Thursday, 20 May 2010

Edamame dip

I invented this dip just before Madame la Moue's swish on Friday, when we realised we had plenty to drink, but no snackettes to soak it up. MLM had bread and crackers, but nothing in the house to dip them in, so I rifled the freezer and found some frozen soya beans, or as we cosmopolitan types call them: edamame.

I made a super-quick dip by pureeing them with olive oil, lemon, garlic, mint and parsley and it was so nice that I made it again the other day when Dr Correia came to stay. This time I added even more lemon, garlic and herbs, which made it practically irresistible, especially when served chilled with hot garlic bread.

Edamame dip

200g frozen soya beans
Juice of half a lemon
1 clove of garlic, crushed to a paste with salt in a pestle and mortar
Handful of flat-leafed parsley
Handful of mint
3 tbsp olive oil

Plunge the soya beans into boiling water for 5 minutes and drain. Mix all the ingredients together and liquidise until very smooth. Loosen with a little water if necessary. Adjust the flavours to taste. Serve with pitta or garlic bread.

Monday, 17 May 2010

What I wore: Medieval peasant-chic

 Today I wore this Zara tunic-dress and vintage belt, both free from Friday's swish. I have no memory of picking the tunic up, but have worn it every day since I discovered it in my bag on Saturday morning. I love the button detail down the sleeves - I think of it as 'Medieval peasant-chic':

Thanks to Nadia for the gorgeous belt, which has green and cream enamel inlaid into the buckle. Was the dress yours too, Nadia?

In other news, yesterday Rachael and I were extras in a film a friend of hers is making and I LOVED IT. I feel (yet) another new career coming on...

Edit: apols for odd hair - Harry had just been chewing it.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Looks from the swish

Hello swishettes. Here, as promised, is my pick of the best looks from Madame la Moue's clothes swap:

Therese la Tease wears swished sequined leggings and black satin ballet pumps (what legs!), Nadia wears black satin blouse, cardigan and skirt, all swished, Mrs Loske-Page wears swished jacket.

Antonella the Sicilian Princess wears swished dress and shoes.


Mrs Loske-Page makes her first foray into leopard-print with this dress.

I wear black Monsoon dress, vintage belt and pewter Clarks sequined sandals. All swished.

Zoe wears swished jacket, jeans and shoes. Charlie is clearly *particularly* excited by this look...

I wear black H&M jersey dress, sandals as above and coral scarf. All from the swish. (Note to self: must invest in some fake tan immediatement. Black dress + white legs = Not A Good Look).

Actually, Madame la Moue nabbed this scarf - I was just borrowing it, hoping that she wouldn't notice. Sadly, despite her inebriation, she did. Message to the person who brought this: where did you get it? I need one NOW.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Madame la Moue's swish: the post mortem

Madame la Moue's clothes swap last night was a raging success. We had so many items that we had to extend outside, where Therese la Tease and Felicity immediately got stuck in:

Meanwhile it was elbows-at-the-ready in the kitchen, with two tables of clothes to choose from:

Therese la Tease and Madame la Moue give Zoe their opinion of a pair of Therese la Tease's *tiny* vintage pinstripe linen trousers:

MLM: 'Ooh, nautical! SO this season.' Zoe: 'Um, I can't actually breathe...' TLT: 'Maybe if I just... Oh dear, does anyone know first aid?'


Despite the freely-flowing cava, things were remarkably civilised during the early part of the evening:
Sadly, however, this was not to last, as Madame la Moue ignored the golden rule of drinking: if you can no longer raise the glass to your mouth, it's time to stop. I love the way she already has the paracetamol to hand - such a pro:

Long story short, she ended up under a duvet on the sofa, weeping over the fact that Antonella was returning to Italy the next day:

MLM: 'Aww... Antonellaaa... But you're my Sicilian princess...' Antonella: 'Must keep smiling. Must keep smiling. Oh God, only 12 hours to go before I can leave this madhouse.'

As we all left she slurred 'I love you. You're my favourite person.' Poor MLM. Far too sensitive for this world. Thank goodness she doesn't remember any of it today.

Come back tomorrow to see my pick of the best looks from the swish. Too fabulous, I promise...

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cannellini bean croquettes

My mum has come to stay to cheer me up: today we went shopping for some new jeans and this evening she came along to life drawing with me. Last night I made her these cannellini bean croquettes. We had them with sautéed charlotte potatoes and Lincolnshire asparagus dressed with olive oil and sherry vinegar.

N.B. these are also scrum with a potato salad.

Am too depressed to write more now, as I have just heard that David 'single-buttock' Cameron is our new Prime Minister. Tonight the last flicker of hope gutters in souls all over Britain. Tomorrow the slash and burn begins...

Click below for the recipe after the jump.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Madame la Moue's Swish

Madame la Moue is having a swish on Friday, yippee. She requested a Renaissance-themed invitation, so I made this:

Feel like nabbing yourself some free clothes? Well if you fancy coming along on Friday, why not drop her a line...?

Saturday, 8 May 2010

What I wore

Oh God, eBay-obsession strikes again. Have discovered a new strategy thanks to Mrs H, who told me how to find hidden listings that no-one, or very few people are bidding on. Here's the secret: search for typos and spelling mistakes. This is amazing, because it brings up items that no one else has found, as they have searched for the correct spelling. And even if they haven't, eBay autocorrects misspellings in searches.

You can get round eBay's autocorrect yourself, by putting brackets round the word - good for finding common misspellings - or you can use one of the websites that search lots of different spellings for you. I have been using and

Want to see what I've got? Oh, okay, here you are:

Silver jacket: Whistles (spelled Whistle); salmon silk embellished top: Day Birger et Mikkelsen (Mikelsen); bag: Anya Hindmarch (Hindmarsh); shoes: Poste Mistress (Post Mistress), jeans: v old pair of Gap boy fit that I have worn nearly to death.

Have also snaffled a Karen Millen dress and Mulberry handbag - photos to follow soon.

In other news, Madame la Moue is having a swish on Friday. I can't wait!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Drawing in the dark

Last night I found myself in a dark room with a naked man. Oo-er. Before you get too excited, I should probably add that this was at life drawing. We had a power cut, which was quite exciting. We ended up drawing by the glow of the emergency exit light, candles and mobile phones. For one pose, anyway. Then we admitted defeat and finished early.

We didn't get to do any long poses, so here is the last of the 5 minute ones we did before the lights went out: Homme avec cushion.

No rude comments please... Madame la Moue, that means you.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Life Drawing

Aarghh. Right, I am only doing this because I promised I would, and have been avoiding it for three four days. Here is the only life drawing I am not too ashamed to show you, from Tuesday's session:

I actually feel like I have regressed since last week. I don't know, maybe I was more self-conscious because there were people I knew there this time - Dr Correia, Madame la Moue and Nik the musician all came along.

Or perhaps it was something to do with the fact that the model this week had an absolutely amazing figure - tanned and toned and curvaceous at the same time. I know what you're thinking: 'no one's bottom can be that pert.' Oh yes it can. This alone would have been enough to render me suicidal, let alone unable to use a pencil. Anyway, here you are. I have kept my promise.

In other news, I have discovered the joys of receiving visitors from bed, like some sort of decadent eighteenth-century countess.

My bed is my favourite place in the world, especially in the late afternoon and early evening, when it is flooded by the setting sun. On Wednesday Mrs H brought Harry up to see me in bed, and promptly fell asleep while I had a cuddle with Harry, and yesterday Madame Pantalon popped in for a recumbent glass of wine and a gossip. Quel bliss.